Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11

I haven't been able to do my technology enhanced lesson yet, but I have a plan for it and I'm doing it on Friday! We are currently learning a lot about air. I am going to teach a lesson on hot hair rising. As I am teaching this lesson I am going to have a PowerPoint about the subjects that is interactive and fun for the kids to watch. I want to have lots of pictures of a bunch of different hot air ballons. As they are looking at the pictures I am going to have them think of what they would want their balloon to look like. After the lesson is over, they are going to make their very own ballons. (out of paper) Once they are done making their ballon they will get the chance to take their very own picture of their balloon. Then I am going to make a short PowerPoint of their work. This will be exciting for them to see their own work that they did on the screen!

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