Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 9 Technology Inventory

My experience in the practicum so far has been amazing! I love my mentor teacher and my school. As I was doing this inventory, I was very surprised at how much my classroom had. There are 4 computers in the classroom, but I haven't seen them used very much for teaching. I have only seen a few students use the program Waterford and play some educational games. We also have a TV and VCR/DVD player that we have used once to show a short movie. Other than that, I haven't seen too much technology used in this particular classroom. They don't have a projector or a SmartBoard. My particular teacher doesn't use PowerPoints. I have only been in the classroom for a few days and I haven't seen much technology used yet, but there may be some that are planned for the future weeks. 

I think that the computer time for the classroom is really important and my class gets to go once a week to the lab to work with the teacher that is in there. I haven't been able to observe what they do in their yet, but I am sure that it is very useful and will help them become more tech savvy. 

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