Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11

I haven't been able to do my technology enhanced lesson yet, but I have a plan for it and I'm doing it on Friday! We are currently learning a lot about air. I am going to teach a lesson on hot hair rising. As I am teaching this lesson I am going to have a PowerPoint about the subjects that is interactive and fun for the kids to watch. I want to have lots of pictures of a bunch of different hot air ballons. As they are looking at the pictures I am going to have them think of what they would want their balloon to look like. After the lesson is over, they are going to make their very own ballons. (out of paper) Once they are done making their ballon they will get the chance to take their very own picture of their balloon. Then I am going to make a short PowerPoint of their work. This will be exciting for them to see their own work that they did on the screen!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan

We are currently working on teaching the parts of a story. These parts are setting, characters, problem/solution, beginning, middle, and end. These parts of a story could be introduced using a powerpoint. I also think that after reading a book, we can go through each part of the story using a powerpoint showing examples of each of the parts using that particular story. It would be fun to have this be an interactive powerpoint and have the children write down their answers on their white boards before showing them the answers on the powerpoint. The children will be excited to see if their answer is the same as the one on the powerpoint. This makes the powerpoint more interactive and exciting for the children.

If time is available, it would be fun to have the children draw a picture showing each part of the story. You could take pictures of these and make a slideshow to show the students. The students would be excited to see their work on the screen and it would be a great review.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week 9 Technology Inventory

My experience in the practicum so far has been amazing! I love my mentor teacher and my school. As I was doing this inventory, I was very surprised at how much my classroom had. There are 4 computers in the classroom, but I haven't seen them used very much for teaching. I have only seen a few students use the program Waterford and play some educational games. We also have a TV and VCR/DVD player that we have used once to show a short movie. Other than that, I haven't seen too much technology used in this particular classroom. They don't have a projector or a SmartBoard. My particular teacher doesn't use PowerPoints. I have only been in the classroom for a few days and I haven't seen much technology used yet, but there may be some that are planned for the future weeks. 

I think that the computer time for the classroom is really important and my class gets to go once a week to the lab to work with the teacher that is in there. I haven't been able to observe what they do in their yet, but I am sure that it is very useful and will help them become more tech savvy. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Virtual Tour

Here is a link to my virtual tour! Enjoy!

Virtual Tour Link