Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 14 Internet Safety

For this part of the assignment I decided to talk to my mom and then talk to my dad after. When I talked to my mom I was really surprised at how much she knew about the internet and what goes on. I think she did a really great job with helping her children know how to use the internet in a safe way. We talked about a few things that she wasn't aware of and I showed her the video that BYU made for kids and internet safety. We also talked about the need for parents to let their children know and understand what goes on on the internet and how they can avoid dangerous situations.

When I talked to my dad I was surprised at how much he knew and how much I learned from him while talking. He had a lot of great insights about the internet. We talked about how it is important to let children know about it so that when the situation comes up they aren't clueless. Children need to be aware of what can happen and how to handle the situation. We talked about how the internet is such a wonderful thing, but can be very harmful at the same time. Kids need to know how to use the internet so it isn't practical to say that we will keep them away from it. The internet is a wonderful tool when used correctly.

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