Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Virtual Tour Table

Location ActivityGoogle Earth Content
1.State of Utah
Today we are going to explore the characteristics of wetlands, forests, and deserts in Utah. What do you already know about each of these?Explore Utah and look at all the different physical characteristics.
Children will explore and click on many different pictures and sights about Utah.
2. Pariette Wetlands
This is an example of a wetland. What are some of the characteristics that you can see? Write down some of your observations. Click on the link to learn more.
Write down observations.
visit link http://www.utah.com/playgrounds/pariette_wetlands.htm
3.Dixie National Forest
This is an example of a forest. Describe what you see here. What do you notice? Don't forget to write down some of your observations! Click on the pictures to find out more about Utah Forests.
Be sure to have your Geographic Web checked and click on the blue boxes to look at pictures.
4.Great Salt Lake Desert
This is an example of a desert. What do you notice? How is this different from Pariette wetlands? Write your thoughts down. Click on the W to visit a sight about the Great Salt Lake Desert.
Click on the Great Salt Lake Desert and read the information. They will also click on the Wikipedia link and read additional information.
Details of image overlay / path / polygon:At locations 2, 3, and 4 I will outline them with a polygon so the students can see the boundaries that they will explore for each location.

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