Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 2 - RSS and Web 2.0

I have learned so many new things from the online tutorials this week. Before this class I had never heard of RSS or Web 2.0. There are many different parts to web 2.0. Some of them that I found most interesting were blogs and wikis. I had never thought about using one as a teacher, but I realized how useful they are to keep in touch with families and other teachers. If a teacher keeps a blog and keeps it updated, parents and children can go visit it to stay updated. Another great way to use blogs in the classrooms is to have the children make their own blog and keep it updated. This will give them the opportunity to share their learning with friends and family. It will also give them a chance to reflect on what they have learned. I also thought that it was a great idea for the children to read blogs from other sschools in other cultures. That is an excellent way for them to get to know other children in different cultures.

RSS was also a new concept for me. It means really simple syndication. I think that RSS is a fabulous idea for keeping up with the news and other websites that you may be interested in. I also think that is great for keeping up to date with your school and other schools around. I didn't know that it was even possible to have all of your websites in one place at one time. It must save a lot of time!

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  1. Hey! i started a discussion on Moodle so we can put our goodreads and delicious info in there so we can add each other. so check it out! yay!